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How I Made all A’s my First Semester of College

Haha… so I haven’t sat down to write in quite some time. I believe that brings us to point numero uno. Priorities, gurllll. If I have a test in 2 days but I also haven’t written a post? Yeah… the test takes precedence. Unfortunately, I had at least one per week, so this lead to a rather sparse posting schedule.

But that’s not the point. I have a few little ~lifesaving~ tips for the best grades possible.

Number 1: motivation and time management. I follow a few “studyblrs” on tumblr… having them in your feed as you scroll mindlessly through tumblr will actually motivate you to study. I don’t know about y’all, but aesthetically pleasing pictures of handwriting and lattes makes me feel like I should be doing something productive rather than lie in bed. That’s prob just me though.

Number 2: Flashcarding the right way. You want your flashcards to be the most detailed and accurate as possible, right? Right. What you need to do is after EVERY lecture (or class for my little grade schoolers) make detailed flashcards on the info you just learned. This seriously helps. I mean you’re rewriting your notes pretty much which is super helpful I.M.O. Not to mention you’re getting super in depth cards. AND you won’t stress out three days before a test because you literally are making 20-40 cards max. Boom. OH and when I say “detailed” I mean, keep the cards straight and to the point so you can easily remember the answer, but make multiple flashcards on one topic- i.e., “Hemoglobin (flip) retains oxygen in a RBC blah blah blah” and on a separate flashcards “Hemoglobin carries ____ iron” you get the point.

Number 3: Study. do it. just get it out of the way. it takes 30 minutes. just do it. I promise you that you will stress so much less when a test is coming up. It just takes 30 minutes to relieve yourself of the sleep you should be getting pre-exam.

Lastly, you’re in college. Enjoy yourself responsibly. If you gotta test on wednesday, treat yo self to thirsty thursdays (if you’re into that. I prob would be rewarding myself with netflix, but I’m a homebody. No judgement if you are tho, let urself goooo).

Oh and if my grammar and punctuation sucks, it’s because I wrote this post in 10 mins and I have like 59 things due next week and pRIOritieZ  k byeeeee

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Products I’ve Been Loving


Hey y’all!

I get asked pretty frequently to do a “favorites” type post, so I thought I’d do just that! I’ll just go in order of application.


  1. St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea lotion. I have super sensitive skin, so this stuff is perfect for me. I especially love to use this after I’ve shaved. I think the shea really helps to calm my skin! Also, I love the smell and it the price is right!
  2. St. Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer. I am totally not endorsed by St. Ives, I’ve just been loving their products recently! I literally don’t know what made me pick this up! I’m pretty sure I didn’t want to spend a whole bunch of money and I was out of facial moisturizer. Regardless, I love how quickly it absorbs and the texture of my skin after!


  1. Physician’s Formula Argan Wear Oil. I just dab a little under my eyes and around my nose and mouth. I wouldn’t recommend this for people with oily skin, but it adds a silky texture to my skin that I don’t know how I lived without before. It’s kind of like a smoothing primer, but I can’t say that it helps makeup stay on longer. I just feel like it creates an amazing base for concealer!
  2. Garnier BB Cream. I absolutely love the coverage and consistency of this. I will say that it tends to oxidize throughout the day, but it’s fine with me. I think this  is a staple in my collection, especially since I’m not a huge fan of wearing heavy foundation. For the record, I do love this 10x more than my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation, and this is a fraction of the price!
  3. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. This stuff is just perfect. I could write a whole post on it!
  4. Naked 3 Palette. Again, perfect in every way and pretty self explanatory.

As far as hair goes, I haven’t really found anything that special yet!

That’s pretty much it. Most of these are tried and true staples, but I hope you choose to add some to your collection!






Lets face it– there is nothing easy about “self love.” There is one simple truth to us all: we are all insecure individuals. This may seem hard to believe considering society today portrays beauty via Photoshop. In reality, even the models upon glossy GUESS ads are insecure. The difference between us and models is that (even Victoria’s Secret Angels) are ridiculed. If their body parts are not thin, thick, tan, toned, flawless, or blemish free… they are openly criticized. Models are barely even looked at as human beings, as they are basically a product to big companies. Now, I understand that many people go through criticism and bullying on a daily basis, but I am here to tell you that you are beautiful. You will not look like you stepped out of a magazine… because there is no such thing as a person following you around with a airbrush tab to eliminate your flaws in real life. But, real life is what makes us beautiful. Our flaws, our capacity to love, to think, to hope… Is that not beautiful? Marilyn Monroe had a mole on her face and she had been thought of as an icon of beauty for decades. A flaw that had become one of her trademarks. The question you must ask yourself… what is my flaw biggest flaw and how does it make me beautiful?

I, personally, have always hated my teeth! I also tend to exaggerate A LOT and I wear my heart on my sleeve. Do you not think I am aware of these flaws? The real question for you, my reader, is… do you really think that something as simple as being overweight, having crooked or yellow teeth, or  having a bad hair day could even mask your true beauty?

Not to mention, you are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139:14. It is so important to remember than God made you in his image. God formed every aspect with you with his loving hands. Every trait of your being was created to make you into who you are. Is it not beautiful that He wrapped you in his love so you would come into this world with the capacity to love like him? Is it not beautiful that he created you knowing you will sin, but gives you the opportunity to be forgiven? Is it not enough that every ounce of your being was created to do good, beautiful things with your life? He loves you with every sin, mistake, and flaw.

It is important to remember that someone loves you, and this makes you more beautiful than any trait you could posses. Whether it’s friends, family, or others you hold dear; you will always be held close to the heart. Love is the greatest and most powerful form of beauty there is. Love is beauty.


-adapted from my previous blog.

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College: My First Week


Hey Everyone!

I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA these past few weeks! If you’re in college or have been through it, I’m sure you understand.

As many of you know, college classes began for me a couple weeks ago. I thought it would be fun to share with you my experience and overall opinion of my first week of class and compare it to the midterm and last term!

My first week was a little overwhelming, but manageable. I find that I am a self motivated person, so I think I won’t have any real issues making decent grades. Here’s the catch: I have no idea how to work BlackBoard. If you don’t know, BB is where all of your online classes are hosted and a lot of your real classes put assignments on there as well. It’s basically like Facebook for college that is a ton less user friendly. I exaggerated, I’m able to turn in my assignments, but I have to click on 80 different tabs just to find where I need to go.

I love my schedule and how much free time (ehem, I mean time that I spend cramming for Anatomy and Physiology) I have. I’m not completely sure why I thought signing up for 8am classes were a good idea, but oh well.

Considering it is now week 3, I’m proud to say I have maintained a 4.0 GPA. Lol. I know that pretty much doesn’t count for anything this early in the semester but WHO CARES? NOT ME!

That’s pretty much it. I’ve been swamped and everytime I get a chance to take a breather, I end up remembering I have grown up responsibilities to take care of.. like laundry. Womp.

And for anyone asking, Jake is also enjoying his first few weeks of class!

Thank you for those of you who sent me some sweet emails to check on me. I really appreciate your support and they were really uplifting!

Hopefully I’ve gotten back on the right track and I can upload some posts and videos more frequently! I’ve missed writing.




Your New Favorite Blog


And below, I throw it back to graduation… That’s my brother and sister-in-law!

dat fotoo

Hey guys!

I just wanted to take the time to shoutout one of my biggest role models, my sister-in-law. Brooke has been there through the good and bad for my brother as well as my sister (Melanie) and I. I say with great happiness that she has finally taken her brilliant ideas to the internet! You have no idea how happy I am for this, since she is so talented and her work deserves to be noticed. Not only that, but I know she’s going to be an amazing and dedicated blogger, so it’s really nice to have someone in my family to share what I love to do. She’s pretty awesome, and you’ll love her right away– that’s a promise!

Her blog is Everything Brooke and she just opened it up a few days ago!

Needless to say, Brooke is awesome and I’m so grateful for the support she’s given my family and I, so this is my opportunity to support her!

Love you guys!


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The Blogger Awards: My Nominations and Gratitude

Hey guys!

To start off, I just want to thank Jelenah for nominating me for these three amazing awards. I’m so honored to be chosen by one of my favorite bloggers for this! Not only is she one of my good friends on WP, she also makes it a point to be super supportive of my blog, and that’s something I can’t be grateful enough for. I wanted to add that her blog is amazing– as she puts everything she has into her posts. I really recommend you check out her blog!

First, I am very grateful to receive the Premio Dardis award!


This was a complete surprise to me. Not once did I think I’d receive recognition for something this profound, since it really demonstrates an open minded individual. I like to try my best to keep an open mind, but this really was an honor for me.

This is what the award is about:

The Premio Dardos Award exists to acknowledge the values that every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.

The rules are the following:

  1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  2. Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.

Nominations will be at the end

The second award I was nominated for is the Beauty Blogger Award.


These are the rules:

  1. State the name of the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions you were given.
  3. Nominate 10 people whose blog is about beauty or fashion.
  4. Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Let the bloggers know that you nominated them.


  1. You step into Sephora/drugstore, what section (brand/makeup item) do you rush for? Most Likely Urban Decay or L’Oreal!
  2. What is your favorite to summer makeup product? Mary Kay CC Cream
  3. What is on your summer beauty product wishlist? I’d like to try Yves Saint Laurent All-In-One BB Skin Tone Corrector
  4. What is a makeup product/trend you are looking forward to for the fall? I feel like I may attempt the nude lip trend. It’s been going on for ages, but I never could get it right! One more shot, I guess!
  5. If you had your own beauty line that consisted of one beauty product, which product would it be (i.e., lipstick, nail polish, foundation, blush, perfume, etc) I’d say perfume. I think perfume is so delicate!
  6. What is your favorite summer-fall transition nail polish color? I’d like to go for a nice crimson this fall.
  7. What is your favorite summer pedicure color? French Mani. I find it looks best on my toes!
  8. Summer eye shadows, shimmer or matte?  MATTE!
  9. Bold lip, or ‘my lips but better’ for everyday wear (name the corresponding lipstick color)? I may be boring… but chapstick. My lips are super sensitive and dry out in minutes! So neither haha.
  10. What is your opinion on the strobing trend, and do you ‘participate’ in this trend? I like the glowy look, but I don’t prefer to look artificial, so I most likely won’t! I think it’s stunning on other people though.

Questions will be the same for my nominees!

Lastly, I’m thankful to receive the Versatile Blogger award!



  1. Acknowledge the person who nominated you by thanking them and posting a link to their blog.
  2. Share 10 interesting things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 10 more bloggers. (You may want to let them know that they have been nominated by commenting in one of their posts.)

Ten Things About Me:

  1. I have two Pit Bull-Boxer mixes that are the sweetest dogs you will ever meet!
  2. I have an Angora Rabbit named Waffle and a Calico cat named Smick!
  3. Coffee isn’t a beverage to me. It’s a routine.
  4. Most of my family is from Canada!
  5. My favorite food is a burrito bowl from Chipotle! (FYI, I order a few extra tortillas. They normally just give them away… then I get 4 or 5 burritos for the price of ONE!)
  6. I’m currently a Pre-Nursing Student
  7. My favorite movie is Gran Torino
  8. I used to want to be a mechanic like my dad!
  9. My boyfriend is honestly my best friend.
  10. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters! (Including step family. I only have one brother and one sister from the same parents!)

So, I want to that Jelenah again for nominating me for these awards! You are so sweet and I think you deserved every single one of them.

My nominations are:


I look forward to seeing your responses! If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to!



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Meet Jake

11116841_1568956623365181_1609405234_n 11084760_1602232793397362_2060175786_n
Hey guys!

As you may have noticed, I’ve had multiple posts mentioning Jake, my boyfriend. He’s actually my photographer and co-editor of this blog, and I thought this would be a fun way to introduce him.

I’m so thankful to have all 6’4″ of his love and cuteness. I’m so thankful for all the support he’s given me, despite the lack of support I’ve gotten from others. For the record, he has never given me an ounce of negative feedback and I’m so grateful to have him on the other side of the camera this time!

Just some background, we were high school sweethearts and are starting college (together!) next week. I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else, as we have a super healthy relationship. If you want to see more of Jake, or you want more elaboration on our relationship, just email me your request or comment down below!

Lastly, I want to add that this was Jake’s first time in front of the camera for a video, so he is a little shy and is normally a little more open.


Jake & Stephanie